Ryedale is one of several like minded fellowships who believe that the Good News of Jesus Christ (Gospel) is relevant today.

As ever, the gospel needs to be presented through sound bible teaching and preaching, with the effect that all our lives will be transformed and people will be saved.

We meet in ‘Middleton Chapel’, one mile west of Pickering.

The Church is thirty three years old [2019], and initially met in Kirkbymoorside and until recently in Pickering . We now worship in Middleton, witnessing to all  who live on and travel along the A 170.

We are not a large congregation and none of us are  getting any younger while  the need for a Gospel Church  is paramount. 20 miles from our nearest neighbouring Gospel Church and surrounded  by unbelievers and tourists, there’s no end of opportunity to share the Gospel.

We preach the Word, study it and pray, and are in the town centre each week, from April to October, speaking about the Saviour.

Having acquired a building we now have  the facilities for children’s work, youth work, mother’s and toddlers etc..

There are clearly  also many opportunities to serve the community  in practical ways.

Hopefully these facts explain why we are looking to the Lord to send His people to help us with His work.

We have many opportunities to reach out but our resources are very limited. We are looking to God to call men and women to help us in these efforts.

Our desire is for committed folk to join in the work here in North Yorkshire, trusting that the Lord will grow our fellowships as He gives the increase.



2 thoughts on “About”

  1. Good Morning!

    My name is Isaac Hope Mulondo and I am from London. I am married with three children and myself and my wife are believers in Jesus Christ.

    I would first like to say, Lord bless you for your labours in such a time as this and your commitment to proclaiming the whole counsel of the Lord.

    I write this letter regarding relocation to the North Yorkshire region. As of recent I completed a degree in Social Work and was offered a job up in the North Yorkshire area. As this may be an exciting adventure for us, we are also mindful of the importance of existing amongst believers to serve and grow with. we are still in London and it is very likely that we could be in the north within the next month. currently, we are looking for a church that we could be a part of to serve and where our family could flourish spiritually. We currently attend Grace Life London (FIEC Church) pastored by Tom Drion, Ross Orgill and Adam Waller. We have been attending and serving this church for the past 7 years.

    As a family, we affirm the doctrinal statement of the FIEC which I believe to be primary and foundational to the Christian faith. However, we lean upon a reformed (Doctrines of grace) position regarding soteriology. This is our preference; however, a gospel-centred church is what matters that is committed to the preaching of God’s word. I’m not sure what stance this congregation has on this area. It would be interesting to know a bit more.

    I apologise for the inconvenience

    I look forward to hearing from you

    Your brother in Christ

    Isaac Mulondo


    1. Good morning Isaac,

      Thank you for contacting us, you would be very welcome to worship with us here. North Yorkshire is a very large region, can you be more specific as to where you might be working as it might determine whether I can recommend a church nearer to that location.

      Perhaps further correspondence should be through email – my address is whorsburgh@gmail.com.

      Pressing on



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