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These are the details for Sunday’s service – 10th May at 10:45am
You are invited to join us to worship God, 10:45am BST, a no frills time of worship, Hymns [traditional, so no copyright infringements] Scripture and the preaching of God’s word .
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William Horsburgh
Ryedale Evangelical Church
Middleton Chapel
North Yorkshire
54 THE Lord is King; lift up your voice,O earth, and all you heavens rejoice!From world to world the joy shall ring:‘The Lord omnipotent is King!’
2 The Lord is King! who then shall dare resist His will, distrust His care,or murmur at His wise decrees,or doubt His royal promises?
3 The Lord is King! child of the dust,the Judge of all the earth is just:holy and true are all His ways; let every creature speak His praise.
4 He reigns! you saints, exalt your strains:your God is King, your Father reigns;and He is at the Father’s side, the Man of love, the Crucified.
5 One Lord, one kingdom, all secures:He reigns – and life and death are yours; through earth and heaven one song shall ring, ‘The Lord omnipotent is King!’
Josiah Conder, 1789-1855
179 PRAISE Him, praise Him! Jesus, our blessèd Redeemer; sing, O earth, His wonderful love proclaim! Hail Him, hail Him! highest archangels in glory,strength and honour give to His holy Name. Like a shepherd, Jesus will guard His children,in His arms He carries them all day long; O ye saints that dwell in the mountains of Zion, praise Him, praise Him! ever in joyful song.
2 Praise Him, praise Him! Jesus, our blessèd Redeemer; for our sins He suffered and bled and died. He, our rock, our hope of eternal salvation,hail Him, hail Him! Jesus the crucified. Loving Saviour, meekly enduring sorrow,crowned with thorns that cruelly pierced His brow; once for us rejected, despised, and forsaken, Prince of glory, ever triumphant now.
3 Praise Him, praise Him! Jesus, our blessèd Redeemer; heavenly portals loud with hosannas ring!Jesus, Saviour, reigneth for ever and ever,crown Him, crown Him! Prophet and Priest and King! Death is vanquished, tell it with joy, ye faithful! Where is now thy victory, boasting grave?Jesus lives, no longer thy portals are cheerless; Jesus lives, the mighty and strong to save.
Frances Jane Van Alstyne, 1820-1915
654 MORE about Jesus would I know,more of His grace to others show,more of His saving fulness see,more of His love – who died for me. More, more about Jesus,more, more about Jesus; more of His saving fulness see,more of His love who died for me.
2 More about Jesus let me learn,more of His holy will discern;Spirit of God, my teacher be,showing the things of Christ to me.
3 More about Jesus, in His Word,holding communion with my Lord;hearing His voice in every line,making each faithful saying mine.
4 More about Jesus, on His throne,riches in glory all His own;more of His kingdom’s sure increase;more of His coming, Prince of Peace!
Eliza Edmunds Hewitt, 1851-1920
614 I COULD not do without You, O Saviour of the lost,whose precious blood redeemed meat such tremendous cost; Your righteousness, Your pardon,Your precious blood must be my only hope and comfort,my glory and my plea.
2 I could not do without You,I cannot stand alone,I have no strength or goodness,no wisdom of my own;but You, belovèd Saviour,are all in all to me,my power in every weakness, my all-sufficiency
3 I could not do without You: the years are fleeting fast,and soon in solemn loneness the river must be passed;but You will never leave me,and though the waves roll high,I know You will be near me and whisper, ‘It is I.’
Frances Ridley Havergal, 1836-79