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William Horsburgh

You are invited to worship with us: 4th December. at 10:45am


SUNDAY WORSHIP 4th Dec 22, 10:45am

You are invited to worship with us: 4th December. at 10:45am

SERMON: God Almighty

PREACHER: William Horsburgh

SCRIPTURE: John 1:1-5

You are invited to join us to worship God, 10:45am BST, a no frills time of worship, Hymns [mainly traditional] Scripture and the preaching of God’s word .

Words for the Hymns can be found BELOW and Here: [also see apps below]

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William Horsburgh

Ryedale Evangelical Church

Middleton Chapel


North Yorkshire YO188AP

Our Hymn book is available as an ‘app’ –…




JOIN all the glorious names

of wisdom, love, and power,

that ever mortals knew,

that angels ever bore;

all are too mean to speak His worth,

too mean to set my Saviour forth.

2 Great Prophet of my God,

my tongue would bless Your Name:

by You the joyful news

of our salvation came;

the joyful news of sins forgiven,

of hell subdued, and peace with heaven.

3 Jesus, my great High Priest,

offered His blood and died;

my guilty conscience seeks

no sacrifice beside;

His powerful blood did once atone,

and now it pleads before the throne.

4 My Saviour and my Lord,

my conqueror and my King,

Your sceptre and Your sword,

Your reigning grace I sing;

Yours is the power: behold, I sit

in willing bonds beneath Your feet.

5 Now let my soul arise,

and tread the tempter down:

my captain leads me forth

to conquest and a crown:

a feeble saint shall win the day,

though death and hell obstruct the way.

6 Should all the hosts of death,

and powers of hell unknown,

put their most dreadful forms

of rage and malice on,

I shall be safe, for Christ displays

superior power and guardian grace.

Isaac Watts, 1674-1748


CHILD in the manger,

infant of Mary;

outcast and stranger,

Lord of all!

Child who inherits

all our transgressions,

all our demerits

on Him fall.

2 Once the most holy

child of salvation,

gently and lowly

lived below;

now as our glorious

mighty Redeemer,

see Him victorious

over each foe.

3 Prophets foretold Him,

infant of wonder;

angels behold Him

on His throne;

worthy our Saviour

of all their praises;

happy for ever

are His own.

Mary Macdonald, 1789-1872; tr. by Lachlan Macbean, 1853-1931


JESUS! stand among us

in Your risen power,

let this time of worship

be a hallowed hour.

2 Breathe Your Holy Spirit

into every heart,

bid the fears and sorrows

from each soul depart.

3 Thus with quickened footsteps,

we’ll pursue our way,

watching for the dawning

of eternal day.

William Pennefather, 1816-73


BEHOLD, the great Creator makes

Himself a house of clay:

a robe of human flesh He takes

which He will wear for aye.

2 Hark, hark, the wise eternal Word

like a weak infant cries!

In form of servant is the Lord,

and God in cradle lies.

3 This wonder struck the world amazed,

it shook the starry frame;

squadrons of spirits stood and gazed,

then down in troops they came.

4 Glad shepherds ran to view the sight;

a choir of angels sings,

and eastern sages with delight

adore this King of kings.

5 Join then, all hearts that are not stone,

and all our voices prove,

to celebrate this Holy One,

the God of peace and love.

Thomas Pestel, c.1584 – c.1659


GLORY be to God on high,

and peace on earth descend:

God comes down, He bows the sky,

and shows Himself our friend:

God the invisible appears:

God, the blest, the great I AM,

sojourns in this vale of tears,

and Jesus is His name.

2 Him the angels all adored,

their maker and their King;

tidings of their humbled Lord

they now to mortals bring.

Emptied of His majesty,

of His dazzling glories shorn,

being’s source begins to be,

and God Himself is born!

3 See the eternal Son of God

a mortal Son of man;

dwelling in an earthly clod,

whom heaven cannot contain.

Stand amazed, ye heavens, at this!

See the Lord of earth and skies;

humbled to the dust He is,

and in a manger lies.

4 We, the sons of men, rejoice,

the Prince of Peace proclaim;

with heaven’s host lift up our voice,

and shout Immanuel’s name:

knees and hearts to Him we bow;

of our flesh and of our bone,

Jesus is our brother now,

and God is all our own.

Charles Wesley, 1707-88

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