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You are invited to worship God with us this Sunday morning, click this link:-

SUNDAY WORSHIP, 15th May 10:45am


You are invited to worship God with us this Sunday morning:-

These are the details for Sunday’s service – 15th May at 10:45am

SERMON: God Glorified In Redemption

PREACHER: William Horsburgh

SCRIPTURE: Isaiah 44:1-5, 21-23

You are invited to join us to worship God, 10:45am BST, a no frills time of worship, Hymns [traditional, so no copyright infringements] Scripture and the preaching of God’s word .

Words for the Hymns can be found BELOW and Here: [also see apps below]

The ‘live stream’ will be found here:

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William Horsburgh

Ryedale Evangelical Church

Middleton Chapel


North Yorkshire YO188AP

Our Hymn book is available as an ‘app’ –…




LET us sing the King Messiah,

King of righteousness and peace;

hail Him, all His happy subjects,

never let His praises cease:

ever hail Him;

never let His praises cease.

2 How transcendent are Your glories,

fairer than the sons of men,

while Your blessèd mediation

brings us back to God again:

blest Redeemer,

how we triumph in Your reign!

3 Gird Your sword on, mighty hero!

Spread the Word of truth afar;

prosper in Your course majestic;

all success attend Your war!

Gracious victor,

let mankind before You bow!

4 Majesty combined with meekness,

righteousness and peace unite

to ensure Your blessèd conquests;

on, great Prince, assert Your right:

ride triumphant

all around the conquered globe.

5 Blest are all that touch Your sceptre;

blest are all that own Your reign,

freed from sin, that worst of tyrants,

rescued from its galling chain:

saints and angels,

all who know You bless Your reign.

John Ryland, 1753-1825

133 PSALM 103:1-5

O THOU my soul, bless God the Lord,

and all that in me is

be stirrèd up His holy Name

to magnify and bless.

2 Bless, O my soul, the Lord thy God,

and not forgetful be

of all His gracious benefits

He hath bestowed on thee.

3 All thine iniquities who doth

most graciously forgive;

who thy diseases all and pains

doth heal, and thee relieve.

4 Who doth redeem thy life, that thou

to death may’st not go down;

who thee with lovingkindness doth

and tender mercies crown.

5 Who with abundance of good things

doth satisfy thy mouth,

so that, even as the eagle’s age,

renewèd is thy youth.



THE Saviour to glory is gone;

His sufferings and sorrows are past;

His work is completed and done,

and shall to eternity last.

For ever He lives to bestow

the blessings He purchased so dear;

our hearts with true gratitude glow,

whilst to Him, by faith, we draw near.

2 Expecting from Him to receive

all fulness of glory and grace,

rejoicing in hope, we believe,

His promises thankful embrace.

Our King shall protect us from harms,

our Advocate make our plea good;

our Shepherd will bear in His arms

the sheep which He bought with His blood.

3 Our Prophet will point out the way

which leads to the mansions above;

our Priest all our ransom shall pay,

our Friend of unchangeable love.

But whilst to the Lamb on His throne

our hearts and our voices we raise,

His glory exalted we own

above all our blessing and praise.

Thomas Haweis, 1733-1820


WHEN love came down to earth

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