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William Horsburgh

Ryedale Evangelical Church

Middleton Chapel


North Yorkshire YO188AP

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22 PSALM 95:1-6

O COME, and let us to the Lord

in songs our voices raise;

with joyful noise let us the rock

of our salvation praise.

2 Let us before His presence come

with praise and thankful voice;

let us sing psalms to Him with grace,

and make a joyful noise.

3 For God, a great God and great king

above all gods He is;

depths of the earth are in His hand,

the strength of hills is His.

4 To Him the spacious sea belongs,

for He the same did make;

the dry land also from His hands

its form at first did take.

5 O come, and let us worship Him,

with meekness on Him call,

and on our knees before the Lord

our Maker let us fall.



PRAISE the Saviour, you who know Him!

Who can tell how much we owe Him?

Gladly let us render to Him

all we have and are.

2 Jesus is the name that charms us,

He for conflict fits and arms us;

nothing moves, and nothing harms us,

when we trust in Him.

3 Trust in Him, you saints, for ever;

He is faithful, changing never;

neither force nor guile can sever

those He loves from Him.

4 Keep us, Lord, O keep us cleaving

to Yourself, and still believing,

till the hour of our receiving

promised joys in heaven.

5 Then we shall be where we would be,

then we shall be what we should be,

that which is not now, nor could be,

then shall be our own.

Thomas Kelly, 1769-1855


LORD, Thy Word abideth,

and our footsteps guideth;

who its truth believeth

light and joy receiveth.

2 When our foes are near us,

then Thy Word doth cheer us,

word of consolation,

message of salvation.

3 When the storms are o’er us,

and dark clouds before us,

then its light directeth,

and our way protecteth.

4 Who can tell the pleasure,

who recount the treasure,

by Thy Word imparted,

to the simple-hearted?

5 Word of mercy, giving

succour to the living;

Word of life, supplying

comfort to the dying!

6 O that we, discerning

its most holy learning,

Lord, may love and fear Thee,

evermore be near Thee!

Henry Williams Baker, 1821-77


THE love of Christ who died for me

Timothy Dudley-Smith, b. 1926 © Author

Augustus Montague Toplady, 1740-78

637 Based on PHILIPPIANS 3:7-11

ALL I once held dear, built my life upon,

SUNDAY WORSHIP – 7th August 22, 10:45am


You are invited to worship with us: 7th Aug. at 10:45am

SERMON: God’s Rejected Servant

PREACHER: William Horsburgh

SCRIPTURE: Isaiah 53:1-3

You are invited to join us to worship God, 10:45am BST, a no frills time of worship, Hymns [mainly traditional] Scripture and the preaching of God’s word .

Words for the Hymns can be found BELOW and Here: [also see apps below]

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William Horsburgh

Ryedale Evangelical Church

Middleton Chapel


North Yorkshire YO188AP

Our Hymn book is available as an ‘app’ –…



467 Based on PSALM 72

HAIL to the Lord’s anointed,

great David’s greater Son!

Hail, in the time appointed,

His reign on earth begun!

He comes to break oppression,

to set the captive free,

to take away transgression,

and rule in equity.

2 He shall come down like showers

upon the fruitful earth,

and love, joy, hope, like flowers,

spring in His path to birth:

before Him on the mountains

shall peace, the herald, go;

and righteousness, in fountains,

from hill to valley flow.

3 Kings shall fall down before Him,

and gold and incense bring;

all nations shall adore Him,

His praise all people sing;

to Him shall prayer unceasing

and daily vows ascend;

His kingdom still increasing,

a kingdom without end.

4 He comes with solace speedy

to those who suffer wrong;

to help the poor and needy,

and bid the weak be strong;

to give them songs for sighing,

their darkness turn to light,

whose souls, condemned and dying,

were precious in His sight.

5 O’er every foe victorious,

He on His throne shall rest;

from age to age more glorious,

all-blessing and all-blest:

the tide of time shall never

His covenant remove;

His Name shall stand for ever,

His changeless Name of love.

James Montgomery, 1771-1854


BEFORE the throne of God above

I have a strong, a perfect plea,

a great High Priest, whose name is Love,

who ever lives and pleads for me.

2 My name is graven in His hands,

my name is written on His heart;

I know that, while in heaven He stands,

no tongue can bid me thence depart.

3 When Satan tempts me to despair,

and tells me of the guilt within,

upward I look, and see Him there

who made an end of all my sin.

4 Because the sinless Saviour died,

my sinful soul is counted free;

for God the Just is satisfied

to look on Him, and pardon me.

5 Behold Him there! the risen Lamb!

my perfect, spotless righteousness,

the great unchangeable I AM,

the King of glory and of grace!

6 One with Himself, I cannot die,

my soul is purchased by His blood;

my life is hid with Christ on high,

with Christ, my Saviour and my God.

Charitie Lees De Chenez, 1841-1923


FATHER of mercies, in Your Word

what endless glory shines!

For ever be Your Name adored

for these celestial lines.

2 Here may the blind and hungry come,

and light and food receive;

here shall the lowliest guest have room,

and taste and see and live.

3 Here springs of consolation rise

to cheer the fainting mind,

and thirsting souls receive supplies,

and sweet refreshment find.

4 Here the Redeemer’s welcome voice

spreads heavenly peace around;

and life and everlasting joys

attend the blissful sound.

5 O may these heavenly pages be

my ever dear delight;

and still new beauties may I see,

and still increasing light!

6 Divine Instructor, gracious Lord,

O be for ever near;

teach me to love Your sacred Word,

and view my Saviour there.

Anne Steele, 1717-78


MAN of sorrows! what a name

for the Son of God, who came

ruined sinners to reclaim!

Hallelujah! what a Saviour!

2 Bearing shame and scoffing rude,

in my place condemned He stood;

sealed my pardon with His blood:

Hallelujah! what a Saviour!

3 Guilty, vile, and helpless, we;

spotless Lamb of God was He:

full atonement! – can it be?

Hallelujah! what a Saviour!

4 Lifted up was He to die,

‘It is finished!’ was His cry;

now in heaven exalted high:

Hallelujah! what a Saviour!

5 When He comes, our glorious King,

all His ransomed home to bring,

then anew this song we’ll sing:

Hallelujah! what a Saviour!

Philipp Paul Bliss, 1838-76

808 Psalm 23

THE Lord’s my Shepherd, I’ll not want,

He makes me lie in pastures green.

He leads me by the still, still waters,

His goodness restores my soul.

And I will trust in You alone,

And I will trust in You alone.

For Your endless mercy follows me,

Your goodness will lead me home.

2 He guides my ways in righteousness,

and He anoints my head with oil,

and my cup it overflows with joy,

I feast on His pure delights.

3 And though I walk the darkest path,

I will not fear the evil one,

for You are with me and Your rod and staff

are the comfort I need to know.

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